Sunday, May 24, 2009

Welcome Home!

In 1993 we built our "dream house" on 70 acres of land. Then life relocated us to Ohio where a modest-looking house quickly captured our hearts and became what we were looking for - HOME!

540 South Yarrow

Looks ARE deceiving. When we first saw the exterior of the house we thought "nice...but small"...until the realtor showed us the inside. Our reaction to our first tour is common to this day: "Wow, there's more?"

There are 4 levels to this house - a feature that we've come to love as our family has expanded to six members (living room, family room, and play/rec room are all on different levels). Not counting the sunroom or 650 sq. ft. basement, there's nearly 2200 sq. feet of living space.

The Bedrooms

Over the years the bedrooms have evolved into unique living spaces customized to the personalities of their inhabitants.

Mom and Dad

The Loft Room

The Rainforest
(Complete with trees)
The Tropical Island
(with a custom grass-skirt bed and built in hut desk)

The Living Room

The Family Room

The Patio

The Sunroom

The Basement

Kid's and Dad's playland!

The Bathroom(s)

Kitchen and Dining Room